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• Funniest SS501 moments

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Aug 08
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SS501, as a birth place, has brought me so much that I would be incapable to give a percentage or to quantify how much it has given me. It’s for me being like a child who is born, grows up and leaves his family to start his own life. This is how I feel when I think back of my adventure with the group and of the choice of my solo career.
—Park Jung Min
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Aug 08
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They consider Park Jung Min as an idol, as an idol, I can’t show everything through my music. This is why ROMEO exists, this alter-ego can expose my darker side, the one lying dormant deep inside me. This other me expresses himself through his music in order to let people know me a lot better.
—Jung Min on ROMEO
Aug 08
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Aug 08
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Aug 08
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"Thanks to SS501 and the members."
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Aug 08
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Hyung Jun interacting with fans during FC AVENGERS match
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Aug 08
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Park Jung Min Cast as Lead of Japanese Original Musical ‘If I’

Park Jung Min has been cast as the lead of a Japanese musical.

     Taking the lead role of Japanese original dance musical If I, Park Jung Min will begin launching his musical performance on September 5.

     The musical If I is a dance and musical entertainment show centered around the question, ‘What if I had chosen a different path then?’ and it is a new form of dance musical with two different endings.

     Park Jung Min will be taking the role of the lead actor ‘Park,’ acting opposite Japanese top star Ranju Tomu.

     Park Jung Min will be pulling off all scripts and songs in Japanese, and the news of his newest musical project has been gathering a lot of interest from his fans in Korea and Japan.

     Having signed a new contract with Ji Ho Entertainment, Park Jung Min has chosen this musical as his first official activity at his new agency and will continue to promote widely through musicals and concerts.

     Park Jung Min said, “I’m happy to be greeting you all with good news in a long time. I will be working hard with good people at a new nest to present more good news in the future. I’ve been carefully selecting my next project in Korea too, so please show your interest and support.”

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Aug 08
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